Beyond Anatomy: What I Wish I Learned in Sex Ed

One of my first memories of sex education was from Family Planning class. The class where you took home a baby for a week and had to take care of it. Not only did, we learn how to take care of a baby, but we were supposed to learn how to and not to MAKE a baby.  I have a vivid memory of sitting in that class, utterly confused and asking the teacher about how people get pregnant and how they prevent it. These classes were full of giggles and nobody asked questions, so when I didn’t understand exactly how babies were made, I felt silly asking, but it seemed like a fundamental topic! I left that class embarrassed…deciding not to make a fool of myself again, so my questions went unanswered.

I’m not alone in my experience, but how is it possible that we went though sex ed without 

understanding how to ACTUALLY HAVE SEX? We saw the diagrams and learned the names, functions, and locations of our sexual body parts, but so many things were left out. For one, the clit was never mentioned. It’s a large organ that was just missing from the diagrams. Nor did we learn about the benefits and importance of masturbation, pleasure or intimacy.

What kind of shenanigans is this?!

It’s like they gave us a puzzle with most important pieces missing! Those awkward lessons filled with giggles and strange diagrams fell short of addressing real-life needs and questions. We now know, that good sex is important to human health and happiness. That empowering individuals to have safe, satisfying and healthy sex lives requires more than a basic lesson in human anatomy.

Luckily, we’re here to give you everything you and your parents missed in school. We’re tossing the boring textbooks aside and diving into the juicy bits that we wish they told us in sex ed. We’re talking about how to experience safe and healthy sexual pleasures that’ll make your heart race, leave you glowing, fullfill your fantasies, and bring a new dimension to your life whether you’re with a partner or practicing solo.

They told us about a buried treasure, without any context as to its value or where to find it! So lets find it! Be sure to follow our blog for more information

2 Things They Forgot To Tell Us


Another (BIG) thing our classes failed to mention is that having a balanced sex life is healthy. We actually know that not having sex can have negative effects on our health, when compared to a person with a healthy and consistent sex life.  If we were told that sex is fun, pleasurable, feels good, is healthy, normal, and something that all adults do, it would’ve completely changed the vibe of sex ed class. 

I am quite certain I went through all of grade school and a few different health classes, never learning about masturbation. I never learned how to do it, why it’s important, or the benefits that come from understanding my body and how I experience pleasure. I don’t remember where or when I eventually learned about masturbation, but it certainly wasn’t in sex ed.

Learning self-pleasure and exploring your body is a natural part of development. It’s an important piece of child development, because it is a healthy way that children begin to learn about sex. I believe that most children enter their first sex education class with at least a minimal understanding of sexuality, but they likely aren’t even aware of it. With this knowledge of child development and the potential of a sex education class, we could fill in the gaps to teach children and young adults what a healthy relationship with sex looks like.

Too many adults go through life, feeling shameful about self-pleasure or even believing that it is unhealthy, but you can believe us in telling you that self-pleasure is healthy and will improve your life!

Sexuality Is Healthy

Now that we are all adults, we (hopefully) know that sex is a crucial part of what makes an intimate relationship special. It’s a beautiful aspect of a relationship that should be cherished and nurtured. Nurturing our sex life is one of most basic and accessible things we can do for our health, longevity, happiness, and relationship.

Spice Up Your Sex Ed Now

Watch Healthy Real Porn

Porn has gotten a bad rep over the years, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not all bad! There is certainly porn out there, that gives unrealistic expectations of sex and intimacy, but now, thanks to the boom of amateur porn, there are also many ways to watch healthy and ethical porn. We will always recommend our channel, because it is the one that we can 100% vouch for being authentic, real and relatable. One of our other favorite platforms to find healthy erotic content is Lustery! We’ve worked with them and love the company!  

Kate Marley OnlyFans and Chris Marleys Only Fans

Educate Yourself

There are so many ways you can start learning about sex and get all the info you need! Find several different resources you can go to that cover all the niches you might be curious about. There are podcasts (like Sex With Emily), books, other creators, and websites that cater to providing all the down and dirty details about sexuality!  

For more traditional sex-positive information on women’s pleasure, we like OMG Yes. If you want to go “all in” and learn pleasure like a pornstar Chris swears that Everhard Academy is where he really leveled up his sexual skills and “posture” in the bedroom. He couldn’t recommend it enough. 

Explore Your Body and Your Partner’s Body

One of the best ways you can learn about sex and pleasure is by exploring our body and your partner’s body. Explore with touch, kisses and being emotionally present. Ask questions, express how you feel and just notice your experience. Common Confidential Massage Butter was created just for this. We knew a product that enhanced pleasure and promoted luxurious physical touch was important to connecting intimate couples

We could go on and on about the things we wish we’d learned in sex ed, but we’re not going to dwell too long. Rather we are going to move forward and inspire a healthy sexual world for us all!

Much Love,

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