Chilly Days, Spicy Nights

date ideas from Kate Marley for the winter

It’s the season for cozy dates and snuggles! We’ve entered the holiday season, where life gets really busy. During that time it can be so easy to slip and spend less time being present with your partner. Be sure to plan some dates or set time aside (ahead of time), so that you and your partner stay connected through the holiday stress!

5 Date Ideas to Spice Up Those Chilly Nights

Warm Up After Dinner with an Evening Cider Walk

After you’ve had dinner, dress up in your warmest clothes and go for a walk. First, walk to the local liquor store. Pick up 2 small whiskey shooters. Then, walk over to a coffee shop and get each of you an apple cider. Pour your whiskey into the cider and go for a walk in the neighborhood. This time of year there are lights and decorations to look at. Talk about life, reminisce about stories and just enjoy the beautiful walk. 

Something about walking at night makes it easier to connect. You’ll be less distracted by the hustle and bustle of the day and can just enjoy the walk and time together. This stands out as one of my favorite dates, ever. I was working at a coffee shop and he surprised me by picking me up at the end of my shift. He order 2 ciders and little did I know he had a pocket full of whiskey. We walked home and looked at the holiday lights. It was my favorite and so romantic. 

Romantic Chilly Bonfire 

We love summer fires, but one of the best parts of the colder season is the chance to have a romantic bonfire in your backyard and not get too hot! Since it’s not the heat of mid-summer anymore, you can actually enjoy the fire and its ability to warm you up. 

Gather some wood or pop into a gas station for a bundle. Get some other supplies as well so you can just enjoy the night of quality time with your partner. Once you’re cozy you won’t want to get up. Since it’s cold be sure to have plenty of blankets and some pillows. Get cozy by setting up a blanket bed around the fire pit. You could also use chairs if you prefer, but I suggest blankets for the most romantic experience. Get some fall snacks like cider, chai, hot chocolate, popcorn, caramel apples, soup, candied nuts, or pumpkin bread. 

You can talk, share stories or just listen to the calm sounds of nature together, while watching the flames dance in front of you. Add some extra romance by bringing out string lights or candles to light up the area, sit back and relax as you enjoy each other’s company! 

Chili Cook Off

If you’re American you’ve probably bundled up and attended a chili cook off or two! I’ve definitely wandered around with friends, trying to stay warm with each chili sample and searching for hot cider over beer! 

This is an at-home date, so let’s plan it! Set-up your environment for this cozy at-home date! Turn on the fire and get in your cute comfy clothes. You’ll want tea, cider, hot cocoa or wine. Some light appetizers might also be in order. It’s probably the French traveler in me, but baguettes and cheese sound perfect! 

You’re having a cute competitive chili cook off with your partner. You’re going to cook together, but you’re making your own chili! Don’t compare recipes or share your secrets, just have fun cooking along side each other. Once you’re done try each other’s chili and see whose is or maybe just agree that they’re both perfection!

Sensual Night In

This wouldn’t be an article from us if it didn’t include some type of romantic massage night. I feel that all couple’s should make massage part of their routine and a way they connect often, but every once in a while make it an event and set the whole mood! 

Make sure you have dim lighting and a really romantic ambiance. I love beeswax candles or anything else unscented. The candles are for light, not scent. A bunch of scented candles will be overwhelming! Put them all over the room, just enough so that you can see, but still keep it romantic. If you need a little more light I love a salt lamp for this! You can also use another dim lamp. 

Make sure your bed is cozy and welcoming. Get all the blankets and extra towels that you may need. Be sure your massage butter is available too!

Music is also a must, but choose something soft and spa like! If you’re not sure you can find a couple playlists on my Spotify. Lastly, get any essential oils you want and have a glass of water nearby. 


I have one more outdoor fall date night! I think these are so important to take advantage of because before you know it the weather will be too cold to lay outside. 

The most important element to this is finding a good spot for stargazing. You’ll need to get out of the city and away from the lights and do it on a cloudless night, so you have a perfect view of the sky!

Similar to the bonfire night, setup a cozy bed outside! It’s cold out, so make sure you have plenty of blankets and a hot fire! If you can I recommend putting up an air mattress outside. It will keep you a little warmer and be the most comfortable. If you have a truck, you can also build this bed in the back of it. If none of those are an option, just do it one the ground! Plenty of pillows and blankets are the key. If it’s really cold, bring a hat for both of you. 

Wherever you decided your cozy stargazing spot is, take snacks or hot beverages if needed and maybe some music. Keep the lights off and just go lay in the dark and gaze up into the sky! This is such a great date for all the love languages – quality time, an opportunity for words of affection and physical touch. It’s also a gift, if you surprise your partner with it!